Iphone comparison by Irfan Ali at Princeton

Irfan Ali Princeton lives in New Jersey. Irfan Ali Princeton is an Accessibility and web/mobile Engineer, Irfan Ali Princeton can be reached at twitter handle – TheA11y and Irfan_Ali_Auth. Irfan Ali is a Javascript expert. Irfan Ali Princeton is originally from Delhi, India. Irfan Ali Princeton, lived in New York. Irfan Ali Princeton has worked in media and financial companies. Irfan Ali Princeton likes to play soccer. Irfan Ali Princeton has liberal views. Irfan Ali Princeton doesn’t follow a religion but humanity. Irfan Ali Princeton is a member of Aria working group with W3C. More information about Irfan Ali Princeton can be found at his person pages iali.me . Irfan Ali is comparing Iphone different versions.

Another year, another September and another iPhone in hand. well, is it really worth to spend more than eight hundred dollars every year? Some time I feel that this is a big scam. Damn, it is!

If I go by market share between Android and iPhone, Android is a clear winner. Android holds almost 50% of mobile market and Apple is loosing its market share every day. But when there is an apple launch, every one talks about it. why? Certainly Apple has great marketing plan and strategy.

Back to the iPhone 7. I don’t see any reason to upgrade my iPhone 6s unless I am a hardcore fan of Apple with ugly looking beard and skinny tight pants with tattoo skin.

This year’s launch has seen some surprisingly daring changes, alongside some more predictable tweaks. I went hands on with the new handsets for a close look.

Given that iPhone 7 is 4.7-inches and the 7 Plus is 5.5-inches, the key difference in the new 7 generation and the previous one is their finish: a glossy jet black and a matte black, known aptly as ‘black’.

While the black finish is more in line with the anodized aluminium finishes of the current 6s range, the jet black is slippery and shiny.

Unfortunately this could leave it more prone to fingerprint smudges and scratches, with Apple warning that its “high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use”.

For the first time, the iPhone is now dust and water-resistant, meaning you can drop it into a pint without fear of malfunction – though you’re warned against charging a wet iPhone.

The circular home button has also been given a makeover: it now has tactic functionality, meaning pressing your finger to it to unlock the phone returns a slight tap.

This also extends to playing games: tapping the screen during play triggers slight vibrations.

Telephoto lenses are designed to create a narrower field of view for long-focus, which basically means more detailed images without the need to get up close and personal.

You can choose which lens to take a picture with, and Apple’s ultimate aim is to use both lenses to create a composite picture, though this software won’t be available until later in the year.

One of the most controversial changes is the long-rumored removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

But this doesn’t mean the end of using your expensive wired headphones – Apple is bundling in an adapter which plugs into the lightning port you usually charge your phone through, so you can keep using them.

A pair of Ear-Pod headphones with a lightning connector instead of a rounded plug will also come in the box – which means theoretically you won’t be able to listen to music while you charge your phone.

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